supporting women to become community leaders

The Universal Hope Initiative (UHI) believes women are the strength of a community.  If women in a community suffer systematic abuse and inequality, the whole community suffers.  If women in a community are empowered to support themselves and their families (both financially and emotionally), the whole community benefits.

With this belief in mind, UHI supports women to become community leaders through direct and partnership programs.  Our direct programs work with small groups of women around the world, providing access to economic opportunities, emotional support, and funds to implement community projects of their choosing.  Our partnership programs work with grassroots organizations on large scale projects, removing the barriers to a woman's ability to change to her life.  


investing in communities & wealth creation

UHI makes long-term commitments to the communities we work with, creating strong partnerships that bring lasting change. Our goal is to create wealth for our partners, so they are not dependent on outside help to accomplish their dreams. 


accountability to our donors

UHI is managed and operated by volunteers. We have no employees. We have no office space. We have very little administrative costs, so close to 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting women in need. We strive to create a bond between our donors and our programs: allowing donors to see and feel the change they are helping to create. 







All photography by UHI