Removing Barriers to Change

When we see barriers to women being able to better their lives, we seek to remove them through our direct donations program, which take your charitable donations and apply them to special, larger-scale projects in the communities where we work!

JOHNSONVILLE, LIBERIA- We support women's enrollment at the Bridge, a vocational training school in Johnsonville, Liberia.  The Bridge teaches vocational and literacy skills to the most marginalized students in Liberia: students with very little formal education. The Bridge provides emotional support to its students, a safe place for them to bring their children while they work or attend class, and helps them find meaningful employment after graduation.

To increase women's enrollment at the Bridge we:

1. Built and fully fund a childcare center and elementary school next to the vocational school building,

2. Provide a school lunch program, 

3. Fund weekly nurse visits, and

4. A micro-loan program for new entrepreneurs. 

RINCON, PUERTO RICO- In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, we are supporting the restoration and recovery of women owned businesses on the western side of the island.  We have helped fund:

1. The rebuilding of an arts and music center at Arts and Beyond Learning Center,

2. The replanting of 100 cacao trees at Finca Hekiti Cacao Farm, and

3. The restoration of bee populations at Tainasoy Apiary, where over 90% of their bee hives were lost.  

Long term, we plan to partner with Tainasoy Apiary and it's non-profit counterpart, Taina Mia Relief Corp to implement larger projects in western Puerto Rico.