EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, & Emotional Healing

Liberia & Puerto Rico

THE BRIDGE- We support the tailoring and agricultural programs at the Bridge, a vocational training school in Johnsonville, Liberia.  The Bridge teaches vocational and literacy skills to the most marginalized students in Liberia: students with very little formal education. The Bridge provides emotional support to its students, a safe place for them to bring their children while they work or attend class, and helps them find meaningful employment after graduation. 

PROJECT ALELI- We support a community development project in western Puerto Rico that creates jobs and provides emotional healing to single mothers living in poverty.  Project Aleli works to improve participants' emotional health through restoring their connection to nature and the creative process.  Artisans work in a cooperative, using organic and recyclable materials to create products they can sell. The proceeds from these products are helping to lift the women and their children out of poverty.